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#OwnYourEpic: Leadership Lessons in Owning Your Voice and Your Story

#OwnYourEpic is a culmination of stories and experiences from the perspective of a high school teacher turned principal. Through these stories and experiences, Dr. Jay Dostal shares the leadership lessons he has learned. While his perspective is from the vantage point of an educational administrator, #OwnYourEpic is relatable to all people who are ready to challenge themselves to be vulnerable and real so they can begin to own their epic. Through storytelling, readers are challenged to read, reflect, and write their own stories and experiences in the hope they will develop, write, and share their epic with others. Anyone can tell stories, but writing them down and reflecting on what you have learned from them is the act of taking ownership. By the end of the book, readers will be well on their way to writing their own epic story. Click on the link above to order your copy today!

Value Added Feedback: A School Administrators Guide to Helping Teachers Grow in the Evaluation Process

Value Added Feedback is the answer to the repetitive and monotonous problem of trying to provide value to the teacher evaluation process. It is a model that provides a road map for building level administrators to begin the process of having meaningful interactions with teachers that are focused on reflection and growth. The 6 Phase Value Added Feedback Model can work in conjunction with any evaluation tool that school districts subscribe to. The model takes the mundane task of writing lengthy teacher observations to engaging teachers in the process of continuous improvement. Click on the link above to order your copy today!








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About the Author

Dr. Jay Dostal
Principal, Author, Leader
Dr. Jay Dostal has served as a high school principal in both Nebraska and Arkansas. He earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Nebraska at Kearney where he received endorsements in English and Physical Education. He holds a Master’s and a Doctorate Degree in Educational Administration and Supervision from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. In 2016 he was named the Nebraska State Association of Secondary School Principals (NSASSP) Principal of the Year and in 2021 was named the Arkansas Association of Secondary School Principals (AASSP) Principal of the Year.

Dr. Dostal has spoken at a variety of conferences on the topics of improving school culture, improving graduation rates, the value of career and technical education in today’s high schools, and leveraging the power of technology in school administration. His bride, Melanie, is a special education teacher and they have two children who remind them on a daily basis why the field of education is the noblest of professions with the greatest impact to change the world.

Dr. Dostal’s passion in life is to listen and share stories that enable others to find relevance and purpose. His hashtag, #OwnYourEpic, on Twitter provides regular encouragement to others to tell their stories and be proud of the person they are and who they can become. He believes that we need to travel our own paths, but along the way, we will meet a number of characters that will fill out our life story.

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